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 Sample Questions

Sampling of some of the questions found in online consultation.

4. Do you avoid heavy lifting to protect your back?
5. Do you get help to lift heavy loads?

Do you have a good bed that gives adequate support to your back? (No sagging in it.)

28. Do you know what foods you react to?
36. Do you know what foods have a lot of vitamin A or pro-vitamin A (beta carotene)?
51. Do you know how to treat an injured muscle in the first 30 minutes of the injury?
56.  Do you know any 'exercise routines' at all? ( A series of exercises that you do together.)
67. Do you take a holiday at least once a year?
70. Do you socialize on a regular basis once a month?
75. Do you have a hobby that gets you away from the routine of your work?
85. Do you know the four best ways to foster closeness with your mate or lover?
91. Do you apologise to people, especially family members, when you are wrong?
96. Do you practice staying cool and calm under pressure or stress?
148. Do you eat high fibre vegetables and grains every day in your meals?
153. Do you drink more fluids when you get sick?
214. Do you get strenuous exercise at least once a week? (Breathing hard and sweating.)
219. Do you eat Broccoli often; at least once a week or more?

Many more questions like these, map your body and your behaviours. Your scores indicate your level of optimal health. You can compare your numbers to what most people get and to what is considered optimal. Taking consultation again in three months will let you see where you have improved or where you have failed to change.