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Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

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Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company


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Five Pillar Wellness

Bringing people to a multidimensional positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator

 Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company




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This is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters. Enrol in the Wellness Risk Research program today.

Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management Research Workshop Purchase Page

Start on our Library page at OptimalHealthSecrets.com/Library.html#wrm

Are you short on time right now for your review of our program?

  1. Finish reading the first page of this website at https://lifestylehelp.ca 
  2. Then read the first page of https://healthamplification.com 
  3. Then read the first page of https://wellnessriskmanagement.com 
  4. Then contact us.


Please note: This page is now divided into the New Research ENROLLMENT program fees and the standard fee structure below. Please NOTE: There is an alternative option to using the PayPal buttons below that we prefer. We now are accepting Inaugural payments via eTransfers from your bank.

Please send us an eTransfer (Interac) directly from your bank. You will need to go to your online banking web site for that. Copy the email address below to your clipboard first. Test that it is actually on your clipboard by doing a paste into a text-based program.

If you are a person who does not use online banking services then please go to your bank teller to do it for you.

$79.95 CAD

(For the Follow the Science PILOT Wellness Program)

By eTransfer only please to the following email address.


Please avoid using PayPal at this time. If you are paying for someone else then their name must appear as a comment in the eTransfer document from your bank. Please make it clear for us.

We PREFER eTransfers please to the above address for payments.

eTransfers are fast, secure and can be made from your phone, tablet, or computer. Contact your bank to learn how to use this free online service. Remember that all tellers at all banks use the internet to access your accounts and they use the same security that you use on your phone and computer for online banking.

No other email addresses will work for eTransfers, including personal addresses of Instructors. Please send only to the above email address.

Wellness Risk Management will NOT call you, text you or email you to ask you to send funds somewhere else.

WRM Instructors will not ask you to send funds somewhere else.

All payments go through the above email address by eTransfer. Contact your bank for instructions to learn how to send eTransfers.

Indicate your real name, address, texting phone number if you have one, and your email address. (This name and data are not associated with your measurement score data. We will send you a fillable PDF form to start the research program and anonymize you. All score data and the four Reports generated by the program, are saved in the secret codename only.)

[Please make note: Email back to you from us will come from our main email address at PainReliefDiet.]

View this video #4 first please. 

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A company can enrol for free. An individual must purchase a Workshop. That purchase is what this web page is for. Once purchased, the Pre-Fill form is online at the following web page. To enrol, an individual will Purchase FIRST, then fill out the green Pre-Fill form at: https://wellnessriskmanagement.com/participants-qualification-form.html

Data in the payment is NOT associated with your Questionnaire data. Your name is used to track your payment. You will receive a Fillable PDF form. On that form you will use a secret Codename. That Codename is the only thing associated with your data.

On the Fillable Form we will send to you, after you send in the green Pre-Fill form, you can change to an anonymous email address if you wish on that Enrollment form we will send you. We are ensuring secrecy and privacy with this protocol. Your first step is to purchase a Workshop before filling any forms out. Then, send in the green Pre-Fill form via an email to us with that pasted green Pre-Fill form in it, completely filled out in the body of the email.


These prices are subject to change without notice as various promotions and programs come and go.

WRM Workshop Division 1 Inaugural Fee

Please pay by eTransfer to the email address above or below. If you are paying for someone else then their name must appear as a comment in the eTransfer document from your bank. Please make it clear for us.

$79.95 CAD

By eTransfer to



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We will not be using the PayPal form below unless you are directed to it. 


Name Please for Payment
Email Address for Payment



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After your initial enrollment workshop, you will likely wish to purchase more Research WRM Workshop hours, at the inauguration pricing so, go to the Buy Now button below please.

Click on the little drop down arrow to the right of the dollar amount and choose your workshop option. Two to four hours is suggested for a start up workshop. More hours can always be added later. Get on a group waiting list now. When the list reaches 10 people a workshop will be called. These location venues are restricted at the present time.

Additional Subsequent Workshops

See our Subsequent Workshops page for the full list of workshops.

$49 CAD

For eTransfer see top of this page.


WellnessRisk Research Workshops


This Research program is for people not already measured at TheQ.ca. New people need to enrol using the ENROLLMENT Qualification form at https://wellnessriskmanagement.com.

People who have taken TheQ before can ENROL in the research project if it has been three months (3) or more since they took TheQ.

To pay please click the Pay Now Button at the top, NOT THE BUY NOW BUTTON. This is a reduced inauguration price so get it now.

Enrolling in the Wellness Risk Research Program is the best, and least expensive, way to get started learning Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies and, you get your 38 Wellness Risk scores too.

Your real name for Enrollment will NOT be associated with any of your SCORE data. It is for enrollment purposes only. The email address you supply to us in the first form we send to you AFTER you enrol, will be associated with your SCORE data so, if you want, then get yourself a free anonymous email address somewhere online and use that one on that form we will send to you. However, email addresses are NOT placed on any of your score data or Report of Findings data.

You can use your own email here and when we send you the first Research Fillable Form to fill out, you will then use a secret code name you choose and can use an anonymous email address there on that form if you want to.

We will then create the Free Account for you. Make note: You will NOT make a Free Account on TheQ.ca/register page on your own if you want into the Research Program. TheQ.ca register page is for other people outside the Research Program, who come from referrals from doctors etc.

This PAGE here, on this page, is the only place you will pay money in the Wellness Risk Management Research Program. That is because we offer special low Workshop fees to inaugurate this new research program. Check the web address now at the top of your browser. It should say


Don't accept any other page with any different letter additions or changes.

That is "The best deal in town," to quote a sales line. And, it is not going to last forever.

You can take the Workshops online. You don't have to live close by.

Research Workshop fees showing are reduced fees associated with the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Research Project. A person can enrol in a research project associated with their geographic location if a project has been set up in their location. We will set up new geographic research venues for new participants as they enrol.

If you are an individual person, not part of a group, then you can enrol as an individual to receive Workshops over the telephone.


Wellness Risk Management

We help people implement Wellness Actions selected for them by an online Questionnaire program. TheQ.ca is a science based measurement program. The principle is fairly simple.

  • What is a person doing in their lifestyle? 
  • How are they doing it? 
  • Is their lifestyle corroborated by science? 


Identifying issues needing correction/improvement is the fairly easy part. Helping people actually make the corrections is the very difficult part. People don't seem to like change. Of course, this is not new is it?

Given this difficulty with change, it is still true that making the changes will reduce chronic disease, reduce suffering, save the community much money, prolong life and make people happier. To those ends we fix our sights.

Don't over-think it. If you are here reading this then it is time to ENROL. It's time to do it now.






and https://TheQ.ca  Send this page to friends, family, acquaintances.


Well, you made it this far reading so here is a bonus.

Yes, we do have more information web sites. Try this FUN one now below if you have finished looking at the others. We had some problems with the genetic scientists in Southern Ontario in that they did not want to speculate about the future. Be that as it may, we do understand their position as scientists. This site below still has an interesting conjecture about impending immortality.



Making Wellness A Priority


Please Note:

  • Health Advice Therapy is delivered within Wellness Risk Workshops. Advice focuses on Wellness Actions listed in the Wellness Risk Action Plan produced by the program at TheQ.ca.

  • There is no health advice, medical advice, chiropractic advice, or disease care advice given. This is a clinical based term we used for the former clinic.

  • The purpose of our workshops is to help people help themselves by completing and complying with their Wellness Risk Management Action Plan list.

  • Get your Wellness Risk Numbers today.

  • Then get into a Wellness Risk Management Workshop.

Enrolling in the Wellness Risk Research Program is the best and least expensive way to get started learning Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies.


Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Risk Workshop Payment Page

Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator

For eTransfer see top of this page.

Wellness Action Plan Workshop Payment
Agent # or Comment
TheQ.ca client Email Address

Pay Now by PayPal.
If you have forgotten your email address at TheQ.ca then there is an option to GET US to manually recover it for a small fee. See details at the end of this page.

See bottom of page for additional purchases.

Nutrition Supplement Needs Assessment


Contra-Indications Screening Form

Seven Supplements the Doctor Takes and Why

For people who want the absolute Best-of-the-Best in nutrition supplementation for both pain relief and optimal health.
Professional level, therapeutic dose supplements.

People taking nutrition supplements should know what their antioxidant needs are, and they should know if any supplements may be bad for them. Our White Paper solves both those problems.

When you purchase Dr. Ouellette's Nutrition Supplement Contra Indications Screening Form with the button below, you will receive TWO documents via email; 1. The fillable form and 2. The document Seven Supplements the Doctor Takes and Why. That document is 34 pages. Please allow 24 hours.

The Fillable Form has an account number on it and is for you only. Please fill out this form then SAVE it to your computer, then send it back to us with the Submit button or a Smart Phone Send. We will then be able to give you customized advice on nutritional supplementation if you wish that extra help for natural pain relief or optimal health. Find out why these supplements are so important for natural pain relief, for joint degeneration, for joint arthritis and for wellness.

For eTransfer see top of this page.

Dr. Ouellette's Supplement Contra-Indic. Scre. and Fillable Form
Email Address to send it to
Agent # or Comment


Managing the Pain Relief Lifestyle

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS

Retired Certifications: DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

For people interested in the Pain Relief Lifestyle and Lifestyle Regeneration.

Please make the appropriate selection then click on the Pay Now button to be taken to the PayPal page.

Standard NON-Research Workshops

with Dr. Ouellette include the following.

1. Registration
2. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Risk Report of Findings
3. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Risk Action Plan
4. Seven Supplements the Doctor Takes and Why
5. Dr. Ouellette's Supplement Contra-Indications Form
6. Session time with Dr. Ouellette



Dr. Ouellette's Two Wellness Workshop Workbooks

Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

Purchased separately on the Xlibris.com web site link above.

There is an eBook version. The soft cover version will cost you extra in USD conversion fees and shipping fees so maybe check with us.


Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Workshop Report of Findings

with Customized

Wellness Risk Action Plan

To purchase separately...

Please note that all Reports and Notes will be cross referenced before they are sent in order to ensure they reach the correct party. Documents will only be sent to the client's email address as registered at TheQ.ca. Registration for Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Risk Workshops is a separate registration as noted here. Copies can be purchased using the following buttons. Any new email addresses included in these buttons will not be honoured. Instead documents will be sent to the original TheQ.ca email address. Please keep in mind that no one's real name is associated with any data. The Report uses the CodeName only.

For eTransfer see top of this page.



Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings
Agent # or Comment
TheQ.ca client Email Address


For eTransfer see top of this page. 


 Copies of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Reports,
Report of Findings,
Progress Chart,
Health Professional's Report

Agent # or Comment
TheQ.ca client Email Address


Please Note: Without a Wellness Risk Management (WRM) Instructor's Licence Number from Dr. Ouellette you cannot obtain the Instructor's notes.

For eTransfer see top of this page.

Wellness Instructor's Notes
Instructor's Licence Number
Client's code name and email