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Setting Health Goals

After you complete the Login process the first page you will be taken to after PayPal, will ask about your age, sex, weight, height, hip and waist circumference, and Bowel Transit Time, (how long it takes a dinner meal to go through your system). These all have an effect on your health.

You will then be asked to select as many main goals, and secondary goals, as you wish. These goals are listed below the same as they are on the consultation web pages so read them now and pick a few to focus on. Please review them here and make some choices ahead of time. Be mindful to select what you think is important for you right now at this stage in your life. Write your choices down on a piece of paper so you will have them at hand in the calculator questionnaire.

Note: You don't want to choose them all.

Main Goals

Learn more about:

1.      Anti aging strategies
2.      Lifestyle modification
3.      Weight loss
4.      Nutrition
5.      Natural Pain relief


Secondary Goals

Optimal Health Secrets Learn more about:

Spinal Health
6.      Vertebrae misalignment or fixation correction
7.      Vertebrae misalignment or fixation prevention
8.      Orthotics for the arches of your feet
9.      Posture advice
10.    Exercise advice
11.    Pain relief


Nutrition; Learn more about:
12.    Pain Relief Diet advice

The five best diets
13.    Pain Relief Diet
14.    Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet
15.    Paleolithic Diet
16.    Calorie Restricted Diet
17.    Zone Diet
18.    Weight loss
19.    Anti inflammatory foods


Supplements; Learn more about:
20.    Multi Vitamins & Minerals
21.    Anti aging supplements
22.    Anti inflammatory supplements
23.    Supplements for degenerative joints
24.    Supplements for heart conditions
25.    Supplements for sleeping better
26.    Supplements for middle aged and older women
27.    Supplements for middle aged and older men



Advice on
28.    Aerobics (heart and lung health)
29.    Strength (overall fitness)
30.    Stretching (overall fitness)
31.    Endurance
32.    The 10% rule for preventing injuries


Rest & Relaxation:

Advice on
33.    Sleep
34.    Daily rest periods
35.    Meditation (Sitting or lying still and concentrating on some
                         object or thought.) 
36.    Mantras (Sounds used in meditation "Ommm" for instance.)
37.    Holidays
38.    Days off
39.    Fatigue


Attitude & Perspective:

Advice on
40.    How to worry less
41.    Stopping Vicious Cycle Thinking
42.    Balancing rest and work time
43.    Controlling anger








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