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TheQ FAQ's

1. What does  Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator (the WellnessRiskManagement measurement) do?

Answer: It measures what people know and what people are doing in their life about Wellness and compares answers to the current scientific standards of our day. The full program also provides Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Workshops to offer one-on-one help that fine tunes efforts for success. Dr. Ouellette's workshops provide Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings and Action Plan to improve on the client's Wellness scores and encourage Wellness self-help.


2. Aren't the Consultation questions subjective?

Answer: Yes, of course, but these questions seek the facts. These questions are good enough for doctors to ask when you visit them. Likewise, they are good for Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator, TheQ.


3. Why are there so many questions?

Answer: Optimal health and wellness covers a lot of territory. There are many aspects that need to be addressed. Not only does the consultation focus on Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets, it also measures pain. Medicine is so complex that medical doctors can only focus on a narrow field at any one time.  Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator makes a measure of many things that are all important for Optimal Health.  


4. Why is there a fee charged for TheQ?

Answer: TheQ took a long time and a lot of effort to create in order to compile the science and get it into a format that would be an effective measure which would appeal to a lot of different kinds of health care professionals. An important part of the process is the professional level input that builds a useful progress chart. This chart allows progress to be easily visualized.  


5. Why is TheQ intended to be used with Wellness Instructors?

Answer: People tend to want things done to them that will give them relief. They want passive care. They don't want to have to work too much themselves unless they are in absolute crisis. That crisis is a pretty good motivator.

On the other hand, doctors tend to want to teach. That's actually the meaning of the word Doctor. It means teacher. Doctors try to teach active care even though people want passive care. We need a blend of things that are done to you and things that are taught to you. This Wellness project, which includes Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator, blends these effectively. Your Instructor, or health and Wellness advisor, is your key to achieving long term success because the instructor offers one-on-one support to answer questions, encourage success and offer additional action plan items if needed.


6. How does the PayPal thing work?

PayPal is disabled for now. Everything will go through Interac at this time.

Answer: After creating a free account you Login. You will then be taken to a PayPal page. PayPal is a secure well respected international web payment solution for making payments on the Internet. PayPal will accept credit cards or, if you do not wish to use a credit card, (most people now days are ok with using credit cards online especially since even at a business credit card terminal they use the internet to transfer data at some point anyway), PayPal will allow you to link a bank account to a PayPal account that you would take out on the PayPal web site. PayPal transactions are secure and they do not cost you anything. This PayPal payment process is not linked to Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator or recorded anywhere on our servers. It is simply the gateway to getting into Dr. Ouellette's anonymous Wellness Knowledge Calculator.


7. What is this again?

Answer:  Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator (the WellnessRiskManagement measurement), is an anonymous online consultation with an experienced holistic practitioner. That consultation is performed in question format just like if you were in an office. It is designed in a questionnaire format and you take it at home on your own time over several days if you want.


8. Can I ask questions?

Answer: All questions are asked to you. You make your responses on the questionnaire. Your responses are categorized into groupings that are meaningful, just like professional health care providers would do when you are in their office.


9. How will they know what is wrong with me?

Answer: To find out what is wrong with you, you will need to see a licensed health care provider who makes a diagnosis. There are several types of doctors who are regulated by government regulations. What Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator finds out about you is how you are living at this present time. Are you living according to the scientific literature of our day? Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator finds out if you are doing things right or if you are doing things wrong. What you do with your lifestyle has a profound effect on pain, diseases, length of life, and happiness. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator puts numbers to your knowledge and lifestyle so progress can be tracked.


10. Will it tell me what I need to change?

Answer: Yes. There is a Report of Findings that gives some 38 recommendations based on your answers. There will be eight Action Plan items for you to work on right away. These recommendations are holistic in approach compiled by Dr. Ouellette, a health care practitioner with five decades experience helping people manage pain and gain optimal health. The system is designed to be user friendly and self-help ready. The Wellness Risk Management Report of Findings and Wellness Action Plan are obtained in Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Workshops.


11. I don't have any money for this?

Answer: You can wait until the future when we will have a program set up for someone else, or some company, to donate the initial enrollment fee for people in your situation. That is not set up as yet but it is in the planning. You can ask us to go on a waiting list for this. However, we do not know how long that wait will be and cannot predict timing for this type of program implementation.






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