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This is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters. Enrol in the Wellness Risk Research program today.

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Resources to help you improve.

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    These Web sites are good places to look for help with optimal health and wellness. Pain relief strategies can be found here.
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    Professionally designed high quality nutritional products will help you with pain relief and optimal health and wellness.
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    Services to help you with pain and optimal health. We offer hands on therapies and lifestyle counselling instruction.
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    Therapies to help you with pain relief and optimal health.
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    Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator. The Questionnaire. Measuring and APPLYING Wellness Knowledge. Red Flags, Yellow Flags, Antioxidant needs screening, Osteoporosis risk screening, all are measured and more. Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Web Assessment, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, at, is a thorough comprehensive multidimensional online consultation to assess specific chosen parameters of optimal health including pain assessment and an Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet assessment. It can be used by health care providers and the general public to track health improvement progress.
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