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What We Do

We measure Wellness Risk, Wellness Knowledge and

we help people achieve their Five Pillar Wellness action plan items.

Wellness Recovery is our goal.

 - - - - - - -

We measure Wellness knowledge using a multidimensional, multi factorial professional level process that asks a client for voluntary information in an anonymous fashion. We ask for information that most all health care professionals ask of their patients.

We ask questions in four broad modules.

Module One
Lifestyles Module
- Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets. There are five key pillars of wellness. Missing any one of them means Optimal Health has not been found. . . yet.

Module Two
Nutrition Module
- A more focussed look at nutrition.

Module Three
Clinical Module
- Several other important clinical measures

- Red Flags
- Yellow flags
- Antioxidant needs screening
- Osteoporosis risk screening
- FoodPainConnection screening
- and more etc.

Module Four
Pain Relief Diet Module
- Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet now called Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet because it is a clean burning diet that does it all.

- - - - - - -

We ask for information we know a client can improve upon in themselves. We do not ask for drug information.

We grade the information provided by the client, average the answers, identify needs, prioritize the needs and deliver a Wellness Progress Chart with 38 wellness categories that many different health care professionals can use, and the general public can use as well.

From that point, a client can begin helping themselves with a level of confidence in what their immediate needs are as assessed by an experienced health care clinician and reflected in our program.


The Next Step

The next step for the client is to put into action what is learned. That is not as easy as it sounds. To that end we provide Five Pillar Wellness Workshops that provide three further tools for efficient Wellness progress toward optimal health.

In workshops we provide a thorough Five Pillar Wellness Report of Findings on each of the 38 scores that indicates what each score means, what most people get, and what a Red Flag level is. This allows people to compare themselves to others, something a lot of people enjoy doing. It also helps people compare themselves to the scientific standards of our day.

We provide an eight item Five Pillar Wellness Action Plan so the client can have some direction as to where and how to start on a Wellness roadway.

Workshops provide optional, direct, one-on-one sessions with a narrow mandate to help the client complete each Action Plan item selected for them by the computer algorithm. When action plan items are all completed we provide an additional set of eight prioritised Action Plan items. And so on, until the best Wellness is reach that the client can achieve.

Wellness workshop sessions are not designed to provide health care information. That information is contained in the Five Pillar Wellness Report of Findings and is selected by a computer algorithm based on score results. Workshop sessions focus on the completion of action plan items. Thus, international standardisation is assured.

We provide a Health Professional's Report to help health care workers understand the 38 item Five Pillar Wellness Progress Chart.

Measuring Risk
We measure Five Pillar Wellness Risk through our Research Project that collects Wellness statistics.






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