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Bringing people to a multidimensional positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.  

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Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Reduction with Advanced Wellness

Business Proverb

“You can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure”

Yes, we’re in Canada and We Measure Wellness.

Our wellness is defined as multidimensional, self-help wellness, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.

Now Online
We are happy to inform you that our Five Pillar Wellness Research program is now available for companies to offer to workers, staff and management. Our focus is on establishing a Wellness Research Data Base and providing Five Pillar Wellness Workshops as needed.

  • Our program builds a wellness profile for individuals and an aggregate wellness profile for a business that signs up with our program as either a stand alone or parallel program.
  • We offer more than three dozen numbers that define the wellness status of both individuals and selected grouped cohorts in a business.
  • There are no costs to the individuals for this Wellness Research Assessment and no cost to businesses.
  • A business only has to encourage its employees and management to enroll in our anonymous Five Pillar Wellness Research program.
  • We can split workers and management into multiple separate research cohorts.

Wellness understandably entails pain reduction as one component. You can’t buy wellness and a doctor can’t give it to you. Our model does not require any particular healthcare professionals or allied healthcare workers. Our program does not affiliate with, or promote any profession.

The self-help component is the key to wellness. If people want non-pharmaceutical pain relief and/or advanced wellness, then they have to modify the way they live. That change can be achieved slowly and gradually. Non-pharmaceutical pain relief falls into two main categories; manual therapies and nutrition therapies. Wellness falls into the Five Pillar categories as explained below. Nutrition therapies can be divided into nutraceuticals and diet therapies, specifically the FoodPainConnection. Manual therapies can be divided into several categories, spinal manipulation therapy, photo therapy, electro therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy etc.

We know that healthcare professionals use four data sources to decide on interventions. They use medicine-based evidence, evidence-based medicine, best professional opinion, and the patient's wishes. Medicine based evidence is by far the largest component with a universal goal of increasing the evidence-based medicine component as a noble pursuit. Following that lead we measure, assess, identify, prioritize, and motivate using scientific protocols already established.

The Five Pillars
Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation, and Attitude & Perspective are the five pillars we have chosen for self-help wellness. There are lots of evidence-based science papers to corroborate these pillars. These five are the essence of Self-Help Wellness. Our model asks 20 questions on each pillar to determine if people are behaving according to the science. This allows us to score this person on a scale of 100 on each of the pillars and then develop an overall wellness score also out of 100.

We know many people use many forms of healthcare most often all at the same time, with some being more science based than others. Because of this, we also measure several additional clinical indicators of wellness, and we measure for the anti-inflammatory pain relief diet as well.

We do know there is science on a FoodPainConnection so we include this science in our algorithm protocol. Various healthcare professionals can choose to ignore scores in the 38 item score list, and clients may choose to follow some, or learn more about them on their own.

People can choose for themselves which parts of our grading they wish to focus on as there is a level of built-in flexibility control for the client. Healthcare professionals can get a heads up on what some alternative practitioners might focus on even though they would not use that data themselves. Thirty eight numbers tell the five pillar wellness story for each individual.

Individual Scores and Group Scores
Our research program will grade groupings of people in a business or a population base, for a wellness measurement of that group. The five divisions of our wellness model are as follows.

  1. Five Pillar Research Program (for businesses, individuals, group aggregate scores)
  2. Wellness Knowledge Calculator (online assessment with it's Wellness Progress Chart)
  3. Wellness Workshops (for help with Wellness Action Plan completion)
  4. Wellness School (to train wellness advisors, instructors, instructor trainers) [Future]
  5. Wellness Foundation (for marketing and science upgrade management) [Future]

The Five Pillar Wellness Model Can Include some Non-Pharmaceuticals for Pain Reduction if a client Wishes, however, they entail extra costs.

1). Neutraceuticals, [products for: Essential Oil Balance, Curcumen/Tumeric, Glucosamine, Glutathione, etc.], The list is constantly growing and changing based on science.

2.) Manual therapies, [Spinal Manipulation Therapies (SMT ), PhotoBioModulation (LASER), Electrical therapies (TENS), Deep fibre therapies and stretches, Heat, Exercise therapies (Physiotherapies) etc.] These are mostly types of therapies called passive therapies.

3.) Diet modification therapies [The Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief Wellness Diet].

Passive type therapies and physiotherapies are extra and outside the scope of Self-Help Wellness.

In the self-help field neutraceuticals, diet modulation, and electrical modulation (TENS) have commonly been used by the public on their own without professional level input. In the past these self-help efforts have not had a method of documentation and grading. People just wing it and see if they feel better. The Five Pillar Wellness Model offers a documentation process for both the individual and for groups of people, to grade improvement and track progress. Procedures and therapies that are not working can be identified and abandoned or modified.

If people wish to give the non-pharmaceutical pain relief self-help therapies a try, or advanced wellness a try, then they would be advised to do it correctly and completely in an initial trial. Failure to follow the rules will likely lead to failure because human physiology and psychology are complex with the integration of several systems including; chemical-nutrition, neurological, blood flow, psychological and physical mechanical which all need to be addressed.

Getting Yourself Ready for Our Help
Outside of our Wellness Research Program people can go it alone with our program after taking the Wellness Knowledge Calculator. Some people are able to help themselves quite efficiently.

Those people who feel they need extra help should go through at least two wellness calculations a few months apart to develop a progress chart. They should then provide a One Week Diet Diary with dates and times of all consumption then scan it to a PDF file, save and send it to us after completing the Wellness Knowledge Calculator. With the wellness Progress Chart produced from the Calculator at, and the document described above, we will be ready to tweak and motivate. Workshops troubleshoot the eight item Wellness Action Plan and provide further Wellness Action Plan items as needed for those who progress quickly. Costs for Wellness Workshops are not included in the Five Pillar Wellness Research Program.

When ready for help, purchase a Wellness Action Plan Workshop at . The workshop is your entry into our Personal Wellness Advisor program that helps people troubleshoot the issues they are having with the Wellness Action Plan List. Of course, one can work on the items in the list on their own. That is the whole point Self-Help of this program. However, most people need some help from time to time. We are here for that help. People on their own can purchase their Wellness Report of Findings at the above pay site.

Where You Live
People in other countries can purchase Wellness Workshops as well and provide the documents we need as explained above. The research program is not available internationally at this time.

PDF version of the above text.


     Participants are needed for research program exploring how people view their wellness on various scales. This is a voluntary, anonymous project. Businesses can ask workers, employees and staff to participate and get an exclusive research venue. Their set of aggregate test scores would be specific to their company.

     Each participant will receive a thorough, multidimensional, multi professional, wellness, online assessment after completing the initialization form. There is no cost and no remuneration to participants. The wellness screening will tell a participant where science places them on the wellness continuum. Individual results go only to participants. Aggregate results are tabulated.

To enroll please send an email to  or add name to the SignUp sheet at a local MeetUp. If there is no local Five Pillar Wellness Meetup in your area, then start one.

Subject line: Enroll me please, (or my company), in the Five Pillar Wellness Research Program.

Must be 18 or older to participate in the Five Pillar Wellness Research program and understand English fluently. Children are allowed to take the Wellness Knowledge Calculator on their own.



     Our Wellness project is designed to discover where people place themselves along the Wellness continuum. The type of wellness we are measuring is a multidimensional, multi-professional wellness covering many health care fields.


Measuring Multidimensional Wellness

The Five Pillar Wellness Profile


Business Proverb

"You can't manage what you don't measure."

We manage wellness.

Building a New Wellness Motivational Tool

     We measure wellness and put numbers to wellness in an anonymous fashion that supplies thirty eight numbers to describe a Five Pillar Wellness Profile, each of which have an impact on both business wellness and personal wellness. The purpose of our research project is to build a new tool for wellness motivation.



     We believe the future holds good prospects for both a wellness school and a wellness foundation. See our white paper overview on Wellness School.