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Thirty one reasons why you should take Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Wellness Knowledge Calculator

You will get recommendations on 38 items in Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Report of Findings, some of which follow. Can you pick out the five pillars of optimal health and Wellness?


1. Your Spinal Health Lifestyle
Spine pain (neck, mid back, low back all causing headaches, arm, and leg pain in some people, accounts for a major cost to our health care system costing tax payers billions of dollars a year around the world and untold amounts of suffering. Undoubtedly, spinal health is very important. You need to be graded on this item.
2. Your Nutrition Lifestyle
We need not say much about nutrition as it is universally accepted, finally, that food is integral to our health. What we are still arguing over, and the scientific community as well, is what KINDS of foods are best. What people need to learn are the NEW scientific secrets.
3. Your Exercise Lifestyle
Again universally accepted as important to optimal health, exercise is the elixir of life. What people need is a motivational approach to exercise. It is the regularity that needs to be motivated.
4. Your Rest and Relaxation Lifestyle
Rest just cannot be denied its place in optimal health and wellness. It is even part of the RICE formula for treating injuries. We expand the R & R into a pillar of optimal health because a lot of people do not know the secrets.
5. Your Attitude and Perspective Lifestyle
Attitude and perspective in life is a lesser known pillar of optimal health. Attitude can sink even the best laid plans. It can be said that it was attitude that killed the best, most accomplished explorer the world has ever know, Captain James Cook. He was killed in Hawaii by Polynesians that he treated poorly. Yes Attitude is a pillar all on its own.
6. Your Digestion
Most everyone knows that alternative health care workers are tuned to digestion. Given that there is one statistic that tells us more than 50% of the visits to health care workers were NOT to the medical profession, we know that a lot of information on nutrition is being handed out. TheQ makes a measure of your digestion.
7. Your Eating Behaviours
We are talking about the actual process of eating and timing food. Very important and you need to be tested on it.
8. Your Fibre
Ah, it helps prevent cancer, it helps support a healthy bowel, it helps prevent heart disease. Need we say more. We need a measurement on your fibre intake.
9. Your Water
Clean and beautiful. A report would not be complete without measuring your water consumption especially if you are a senior citizen.
10. Your Food Groups
There are some secrets here and many people find them shocking. Get measured and find out all about it.
11. Your Junk Food
Well, again it is common knowledge now days why junk foods are bad. Its just that a lot of people eat them... and way too often. We need a measure on you. TheQ does this job very nicely.
12. Your Osteoporosis Screening
Osteoporosis (brittle bones) is a debilitating, time consuming, costly health care disease. There are risk factors. Do you have any in your lifestyle? Get measured and see.
13. Your Energy Levels
Everybody has waxes and wains, ups and downs in energy. A good medical check up is important. If you have an energy problem then TELL your doctor for goodness sakes. TheQ has some things to measure about your energy levels.
14. Your Psychological Screening
Depression can be devastating sapping the desire to even get out of bed. Do you have any signs? We have drafted a measure. TheQ is the measure. Get measured.
15. Your Anger Screening
Anger can be all consuming. Why did we choose to measure it? Well, it is a part of optimal health isn't it?
16. Your Abuse and Control Screening
You may be experiencing it. You may be delivering it. You may not know that some of your behaviours are abusive. We do not do a full measure as that is left to registered licensed health care professionals. But, we do offer a very intriguing screening. There is lots to learn on this topic.
17. Your Healthy Relationship Screening
Yes, everyone wants that. How many of us can communicate effectively enough to build this into our lives automatically? TheQ measures it.
18. Your Red Flags
Red flags are clinical signs to pay attention to. We make a measure of many classical red flags. Medical doctors and other health care professionals, want to know about red flags. This section is for them.
19. Your Symptoms and Signs
Here we attempt only a simple count. The more of them you have then the more work you have to do.

Not the more work your doctor has to do, but the more work YOU have to do.

20. Your Pain Severity
Many people have several pains all of differing severities. Many people tell their doctors that they want this particular pain treated first. Doctors reading this will chuckle. They have all experienced it. It is up to them to prioritize your pains. TheQ makes a measure of severity and puts a number to it.
21. Your Yellow Flag
Yellow flags is a special category. It tells us if passive care will fail with you. This is a good thing to know with people in chronic pain. TheQ measures it and puts a number to it. Family physicians just love this one as it helps them direct you more effectively.
22. Your Antioxidant Needs
Most everyone now knows what antioxidants are and that the more stress we have then the more good nutrition we need. TheQ offers a measure and gives you a number. With that number you can make decisions.
23. Your Pain Relief Diet
Most people do not know that food ties into pain. Most people in pain have no idea that they may very well be causing their pain to be worse by the way they eat. We have several measures for this.
24. Your Body Mass
The body mass index is a measure that can be tracked over time. Of course, just looking at someone is also a way of tracking too, but we include the number for health care professionals to use to determine how aggressively they should direct a patient.
25. Your Waist to Hip ratio
Another excellent measure for the use of health care professionals. The big belly is bad. It is called the Big Bad Belly sign. There is help though. You just have to go at it in the correct way.
26. Your Bowel Transit Time
Bowel transit time tells us how healthy your bowel movements are. We really need to know this. Don’t cheat on this one.
27. You will receive an Action Plan.
Ah yes, the crux of the whole thing. Make it easy at first, then harder with successive questionnaires. Remember that progress is tracked by comparing this time with the last time you took TheQ. Most all people need help prioritizing, and help staying on target too.
28. You will be shown how to become active in your pain relief plan.
Yes, active, even if pain makes you hurt more when you are active. You need to learn how to start off with just what you can do easily. For that you need an Instructor. We will be happy to provide you with one.
29. You will have a pathway mapped out along the roadway to optimal health and wellness.
Your LIA Action Plan is the place to go. The pathway is there. Get yourself on the ROADWAY to optimal health, wellness and pain relief. Take TheQ.
30. You will be offered help to implement your Action Plan.
We can give telephone help and in office help. They both work well.
31. You will be able to prioritise your needs, choose what you want to work on first.
You will control the prioritizing. We can't help you with this unless you take TheQ. Do that now. Click on the Questionnaire Sign Up link now.

It is a tradition for people to set New Years resolutions and it is a tradition for people to fail at them. Why is that? Answer: They don’t have the help. You don’t have the help.....yet. We offer that help. Time now to get the help that you know you need.


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