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TheQ Talks

Dr. Ouellette would be happy to attend your business or organisation to give a talk on TheQ. This can help raise the visibility of your facility in the community.

The Responsibilities of the Lecture Venue
Dr. Ouellette will donate his time at no charge to local facilities if no fee is charged to the public. Venues requiring extensive travel time will need to negotiate an arrangement with Dr. Ouellette to cover expenses.

  1. The venue will market and advertise TheQ Talk.
  2. The venue should contact various organizations and societies to ask for donations, federally, provincially, locally. A listing in their newsletters should be sought.
  3. Whatever the capacity of your venue is, that should be the goal for attracting attendees.
  4. If Dr. Ouellette will be lecturing for free (ie. no fee is charged to the public by your facility) then Head Office will want a copy of the venues marketing list contacts with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  5. Head Office will want to know the amounts donated by each agency and a record of how those monies were spent.
  6. Left over money must be held in an account for the next Q talk.
  7. If the venue wishes to fund the talk themselves then items 4, 5, and 6 would not be necessary.
  8. It should be kept in mind that it is a series of talks at your venue on TheQ that we are interested in stimulating.
  9. If the venue charges a fee to the public then Dr. Ouellette will be asking his lecture fee.


Dr. Ouellette's TheQ Talk Lecture fees

  • $500 Plus expenses if the talk is within driving distance of two hours from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
  • $1,000 Plus expenses if the talk venue needs to fly Dr. Ouellette in.
  • Dr. Ouellette will lecture for Free to local facilities if no charge is made to the public.


Benefits to the Venue

  • Increased public awareness about your facility
  • New Clients/Customers
  • Public service teaching optimal health secrets and a pain relief lifestyle


Marketing Copy Suggestions

Note: You do not have to use all of this copy.

Lecture on TheQ, TheQ Talk
Lifestyle Measurement
Optimal Health Secrets, Pain Assessment,
the Pain Relief Diet

NEW, finally a thorough, comprehensive measure of optimal health and wellness. TheQ measures your lifestyle on 30 standards including a pain assessment and the Pain Relief Diet. We will discuss the key features of TheQ and the key benefits to you.

TheQ stands for Questionnaire. It is an affectionate term for Lifestyle Questionnaire and Pain Assessment. LIA stands for Lifestyle Instruction Aid. Think of LIA as First Aid for your lifestyle.

TheQ measures optimal health. Optimal health is concerned with several secrets in life including a pain assessment and a Pain Relief Diet assessment. See for more information.

TheQ does not measure drug behaviours. There are five categories of drug behaviours, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. TheQ avoids any in depth measurement of theses classifications of drugs.

Who Needs To Attend
If you are in pain then you need to attend. If you are looking for lifestyle improvements, or looking for optimal health and wellness, then you need to attend.

Lifestyle Instruction Aid: Finally a thorough measure to guide your improvement. Comprehensive and all about you.

Thirty five years of clinical practice helping people manage pain have taught us that most people need five things.

1. Knowledge for pain relief and/or optimal health and wellness
2. A doable Action Plan
3. Help implementing the Action Plan
4. High quality products for both pain relief and optimal health
5. Manual therapy for pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm

TheQ measures you then delivers on all of these five things.

TheQ is NEW, TheQ is YOU,
Take TheQ, it delivers you to YOU.

If you have pain needs,
Then you best take heeds,
Maybe your body needs kneads,
So you’d best make seeds.

Plant the seeds and they grow up strong,
Now is the time to get along.
Pick up your mouse and spread the song,
Do it now and it won't be long.


Key Features

  • TheQ measures 30 parts of your lifestyle including pain
  • Combines the measures into 37 recommendation sections
  • Provides an Action Plan for you to begin on the roadway to optimal health and wellness, and a pain free lifestyle
  • TheQ provides the numbers that allow tracking your improvements. No longer do you have to take some doctor's word that you are improving. You will be able to tell just by looking at your numbers on your next Q and comparing them. This really appeals to the professionals caring for you.

Key Benefits

  • Help yourself get out of pain.
  • Find out where you stand on the optimal health scale.
  • Know where to prioritize your efforts.
  • If you are having trouble with one area (weight loss for instance) then just move one to another easier area to improve.
  • If you listen then your weight will come down automatically.

Lifestyle Instruction Aid giving improvements aimed at the scientific basis of optimal health secrets and natural pain relief. To start on the roadway you have to get measured. When you need a new suit or dress, then you have to get measured. When you need a new lifestyle you also have to get measured. You wear your lifestyle just like a new suit or dress. Go to and get your lifestyle measured and your pain assessed all at the same time. You will get 37 numbers in a comprehensive Lifestyle Report of Findings. These measures represent your present lifestyle. You are either good, bad or indifferent. Find out which. Find out where you land on the optimal health scale. Find out how to improve. Find out where to start. It is easier than you think.

The five pillars of optimal health as taught by are tested thoroughly in TheQ. Spinal health, nutrition, exercise, R&R, Attitude and Perspective in life are all covered, plus much more.


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