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Do You Need Lifestyle Improvement?

Take this quiz and find out.

 1. Are you overweight?

    Yes No

 2. Is your tummy large?

    Yes No

 3. Is your blood pressure high?

    Yes No

 4. No you avoid exercising strenuously?

    Yes No

 5. Are you tired a lot?

    Yes No

 6. Are you sick more than three times a year?

    Yes No

 7. Do you feel like you are under a lot of stress?

    Yes No

 8. Do you feel down in the dumps right now?

    Yes No

 9. Do you eat a lot and snack almost every day?

    Yes No

 10. Do you skip vegetables on some days?

      Yes No

 11. Do you consider yourself unfit right now?

      Yes No


Count your yes answers.


 1     You need Lifestyle improvement. LOL We’re not joking.

2-5   Your risk of early death is much greater than it should be.

6-9   You are heading for a disaster. Call us now, we can help!

10-11 Are you sure you are alright? It would seem that all indicators point to your crash sometime soon. We can hear the ambulance now. Don't even go to any further web sites. You need help right now today. Take TheQ. Get measured. Sign up today. It will take you about two hours. Sign up and pay the small fee. You need to know what you need to do. You need a plan. Get your Lifestyle Action Plan now.