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This is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters. Enrol in the Wellness Risk Research program today.

The biggest problem in modern health care is people not doing what science has shown they should be doing.

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Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator


Dr. Ouellette trained in Canada and graduated as a chiropractor in 1973. Continuing studies in multidimensional fields Dr. Ouellette obtained a Master of Science Degree in Biology 1987 (with emphasis on Nutrition) and a three years sports injury course in 1989. Dr. Ouellette is a Certified Member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada). Developing Wellness Risk Management as a new non-health care related industry became a passion. Biology is biology, health-care is disease-care and Wellness is multidimensional. It is the same for all race types, and belief ideology structural types. Learning all the secrets is the key. Step one is "Where are all my Wellness needs?" Step two is "How do I meet all my needs every week?"

  • Wellness, Let’s Get Started
    The basic concept with regard to Wellness Risk Management is that people can’t do Wellness alone. If they could, we would not have the degeneration that we see in our communities now-days.

  • The media, the Internet, healthcare professionals, and so-called Wellness specialists, do not offer complete multidimensional Wellness Risk Measurement nor Wellness Risk Management. What they offer is their own private version of a truncated Wellness that fits their skills.

  • Wellness is complex and complicated. People need full Wellness Risk Management in order to build an effective, meaningful Wellness improvement.

There is one place that covers cutting edge nutritional science, pertinent clinical red flags, and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. It’s thorough, complete and covers all five pillars of Optimal Health Secrets, plus much more. Moving forward in life on a self-help basis, whether it be overall Wellness, weight loss, natural pain relief, or attitude improvements starts with measurement and then requires trained help. Wellness Risk Management is that help.

You can find measurement and management at

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This is a Wellness Knowledge Calculator that also measures how well people APPLY Wellness knowledge.

The next step in Wellness management, after getting your Wellness numbers, is enrolling in a Wellness Risk Workshop, Wellness Workshop.

You have the information, now learn to apply it.

Featuring Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet.

Measure, Asses, Identify, Prioritize, Motivate

A multi use diet for crash crisis recovery from pain or lifetime Wellness.

Insight, Inspiration, Judgement, Wisdom

Optimal Health Secrets you can apply today.

It's just a matter of getting yourself started.

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Dr. Ouellette's Multidimensional Wellness Model with Flyers for companies. 

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Dr. Ouellette's anonymous Wellness Knowledge Calculator, the Wellness Web Assessment also called the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, TheQ, is a thorough comprehensive online consultation to assess specific chosen parameters of optimal health including pain assessment, Dr. Ouellette's Anti- Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet assessment, lifestyle and behaviour assessment. Results can be used by health care providers and the general public to track health improvement progress.

Our niche is helping people achieve active self-help care. We are a self-help PORTAL to optimal health and Wellness. Dr. Ouellette has been teaching his Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet principles since the 1980's and formally since 1998.

Science Based Holistic Health Care

For Natural Pain Relief

Professional Personal Wellness Services

Your Self-Help Starting Point

You can be your own natural health provider.

Designed for people who live a distance away, but still want the benefits of a professional holistic consultation.

 Optimal Health Wellness and the
Food Pain Connection

Featuring Dr. Ouellette’s Anti-Inflammatory,  Pain Relief Diet.
Get measured today.

Wellness Web Workshops available.

Professional level help for acute pain, chronic pain, reoccurring sickness. Need pain relief fast for an upcoming event? How do you know if you are living optimally right now? What are your Wellness numbers? Confused about the gluten story, the oil story, the diary story, the red meat story, all the other stories? Contact us today.


Our Mission
To Teach and Guide

Our mission is to teach you, and then guide you, along the roadway to optimal health and wellness. We measure your body and behaviours for optimal health factors, then teach the parameters of the Pain Relief Lifestyle, including Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet, and Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets.


One of our major concerns is to ensure that the viewer receives evidence-based care. And, we have taken steps to allow people to remain anonymous.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette,

DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup.

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What does the word holistic mean?
The term Holistic means the whole body is considered in the consultation. Several things are measured including Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health, Secrets, Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet, and the amount of pain that you have.

Some important things you may need help with.

  • Spinal health 
  • Back pain relief
  • Neck pain relief
  • Nutrition
  • Holistic health
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Attitude and Perspective in life
  • The Pain Relief Diet

What is holistic health care?
In a nutshell holistic health care is SCIENCE-BASED HEALTH ADVICE, a professional Wellness service starting with self-help advice after a through comprehensive online consultation is performed. Holistic nutrition incorporates several important improvements to nutritional intake.

The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, TheQ, is a thorough holistic consultation designed by an experienced holistic practitioner.

What you will get.
You will receive Dr. Ouellette's Optimal Health Progress Chart with your set of 38 numbers representing your optimal health scores. You will also be able to compare your numbers with what most people get.

What is the consultation?
The consultation is an online series of questions that are taken from what medical specialists, chiropractors, naturopaths, doctors of natural medicine, and other allied health care professionals might ask if you were in their offices.

We are happy to offer private in-house consultations, or you can choose an internet consultation option or a telephone consultation option. We offer three Workshop Plans directly with Dr. Ouellette. Contact us for more information.

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