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This is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters. Enrol in the Wellness Risk Research program today.

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A new roadway is now available with an ANCHOR(#) at WRM.


Advice for companies and organisations reviewing our Wellness Risk Management (WRM) program. There are two ways a company can start-up offering WRM. Offer WRM as a recruitment perk or as a Wellness service to all workers. Contact us to explain those please.


 1. Review the pages at:
 2. Review the pages at:
 3. Have a look at the first page at:
 4. Review the workshop purchase page at:
 5. Keep in mind we are gathering research statistics on WRM. Statistics are anonymous and for the use of WRM.

We also have a set of pdf documents for those who prefer pdf documents. See the pdf Documents link in the top menu bar.


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People in Pain Must Behave Differently.

People Needing Weight Loss Must Behave Differently.

We help with that.

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