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Bringing people to a multidimensional positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.  

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This is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters. Enrol in the Wellness Risk Research program today.

TheQ means The Questionnaire.

TheQ is an affectionate short term for Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator.

If you are in pain or looking for improvements in your wellness then this site is for you.

The Wellness Project and TheQ

An Overview for Health Care Decision Makers

There are three aspects of Dr. Ouellette's Wellness project that go together.
1. Knowledge measurement (TheQ)
2. One-on-one help (Wellness Workshops)
3. Self help. (At home ACTIVE self care.)

A measurement of a client's body behaviours and pain, indicates where the client's life is located on the optimal health scale. Personal one-on-one help to improve the problems is the next step after ones learns their scores.

We start with the lofty goal of perfecting optimal health secrets, which includes pain relief. Those are some things that most people want at one time or another in their lives. We need a lifestyle protocol geared toward pain relief, but also one that improves the many things that science has shown are helpful for wellness.

A lot is know scientifically about the topic of body improvement, however, the art factor comes into strong play when implementing body improvement modifications. People often resist change and clearly need help and direction to achieve success.

Self help at home, which includes pain relief without drugs or surgery, is the key to the Health Advice Therapy Instruction program. People need to be taught to help themselves. Of course, manual therapies can be offered if people ask, but those therapies are secondary additions. They are often helpful but, in the Health Advice Therapy protocols they are secondary.

Focus is on what the client can do in their own home to help themselves. For instance Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet, as taught by Dr. Ouellette, is a good start. This brings in the Active Care component of optimal health and pain relief.

When a new client is assessed, the first thing to ask is, "What are the numbers?" What does the testing say? We have drafted a thorough comprehensive measure of a client's knowledge, lifestyle and pain, and have developed a five step protocol, (see below).

The measuring tool we are talking about is a questionnaire that asks many of the same questions a doctor wants to know about in a patient's case history. A retest some time later (three months), allows for a comparison of the scores and a check on progress.

Key Benefits
What we are looking for as a final goal for the client, are key benefits. Some key benefits are as follows.

More energy
Less pain
More enjoyment in life
Less stress
More movement
Less restriction
More weight loss
Less frustration

We achieve these benefits by applying the five step protocol. Of course, from the disease care industry point of view (currently called the health care industry), a key benefit from our program is a lowering of the cost of expensive professional care.

The Five Step Protocol


Make a thorough measure of wellness knowledge, body, behaviours, and pain. (TheQ)



Deliver a Report of Findings that is customised to the client.
(Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Workshop Report of Findings.)



Deliver a doable Action Plan that is customised to the client.
(The Wellness Report of Findings Action Plan.)



One-on-one help to implement the customised Action Plan.
(Health Advice Therapy Instruction.)



Provide a Progress Chart on a single page for Wellness Instructors and a separate chart with explanations on how to read it for health care professionals. And, in addition, we provide a separate Wellness Instructor guideline Notes file.


Saving Money
Its about saving money too because you save money when you do things for yourself. Everybody wants to save money. How does an optimal health pain-free lifestyle save you money? Learning how to help yourself saves you money because you won't have to pay for that very same help.

1. Less cost on pain medications.

2. Less cost on muscle spasm medications.

3. Less cost on anti-inflammatory medications.

4. Less cost on alternative/complementary health care professionals.

5. Better sleep thus, better productivity.

6. Better sleep thus, more weight loss.

7. Less cost on the purchase of food.

8. Less cost on dental care.


Why should Insurance companies have an interest in the Lifestyle Project?

 1. Less cost to the insurance company in drug payments.
 2. Less cost to insurance companies on back care clients.
 3. Less diseases so, less payouts.
 4. A healthier population means less costs overall to insurance companies.


Why should medical doctors have an interest in the Lifestyle Project?

 1. A place to send patients while they are waiting for a specialist.
 2. A place to send a sub group of chronic patients when the specialists are finished with them.
 3. Less stress from patients you don't know how to help.
 4. Goodwill creation by referring patients to a place that promotes safe active self-help care.
 5. Goodwill in the knowledge that you are helping the government keep health care costs down.

Why should the governments have an interest in the Lifestyle Project? Governments are the really big winners.

 1. There is a high number of unfit, plugged-up, food-challenged people pervading our communities. These people create a huge drain on the health care system. The secret is that these people can be largely cared for by a self-help, non-professional, wellness instructor program.
 2. Less cost to the health care system as people learn to care for themselves.

Less burden on health care professionals.


A happier population translates into more productivity and thus, more in tax dollars as people earn more money.

Perceived value and real value
Dr. Ouellette's Wellness project leads to a reduction in health care costs by getting people to become active in their own health care and thus, it reduces the amount of time people spend in doctors offices. It teaches people about themselves and then goes the next step to help them achieve the results they choose to prioritize. The perception of value is separated from real value by measurement numbers that track progress. It is this unique progress chart that powers-up the wellness program.

The Route to Pleasure
People who are in health care crises are the people looking for solutions and are ready to buy. They are also the ones visiting the medical system for free treatment. People in pain, people with various diseases, and people just interested in lifestyle improvement are the target group for Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator and Wellness  Workshops.

One very strong value the consultation has for these people is it can help them discover aspects of their bodies, and their behaviours, they may not have known about, or of which they may have lost an awareness. These three groups compose a very large demographic of the general population.

The source of pleasure in life is through body and behaviour improvement.

Whether that improvement be mediated by government or the individual, improving lifestyles is the route to pleasure.


A note to Clinicians on the Pain Assessment
We would like to comment that the pain assessment performed by Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator is not for diagnostic purposes. All clinicians know that a diagnosis is made via a consultation in conjunction with a physical exam and specific, pertinent testing using best professional judgement for a conclusion.

In our process, we are interested in assessing improvement in pain over successive calculation trials. For the convenience of clinicians we would refer them to several pain measurements if they are interested in pain quality measurement, notably the Bournemouth Questionnaire, McGill Pain Questionnaire, Self Efficacy Scale and Pain Catastrophizing Scale.